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With a little extra motivation coming from COVID-19, we have decided to speed-up our plans to go "ONLINE" with our training.
Please register on the platform to see courses coming up online and watvh the free introductory videos.

Available courses:       "The importance of Flow Rate control in Injection Molding"
                                "The Rheology of Injection Molding - Part I"

                                                                                              _ _ _
Thank you to all participants and organizers. A particularly warm "Thank you" to Jytte Vejsgaard Laursen and Charlotte Dyrmann Leser from ATV-SEMAPP, Cristoph Hinse and Anke Praetorius from Simpatec Germany and Fabien Buchy from Simpatec France for their continuous efforts in making this venture a big success. Thank you also to Bernard Alsteens from e-Xstream, promoting and organizing BIMS sessions for us in the framework of e-Xstream trainings.

It is not easy to attract people to "english speaking" seminars in Germany and a few other countries, but thanks to the efforts of the Simpatec team, offering also translated printouts to participants, we are slowly building-up our reputation in Germany and other German speaking countries. Check the schedule for future sessions in Germany.

If you are in doubt about your ability to understand my English language, listen to me by clicking HERE, or watch some of the videos I publish regularly  here (Click HOME in the menu above) or on
LinkedIn (please join my network there !).

go straight to : SCHEDULE  of coming sessions

NEWS - Feb. 2020
Year 2019 just finished. We had an average year, due probably to economic uncertainties and travel/training restrictions for many companies in Europe.
We were however fortunate to have a very nice session at LEGO of MEXICO in November. I hope the participants enjoyed the session and I look forward to visiting again.
Year 2020 is just starting with several requests for private sessions from faithful returning customers. We will be back to Phillips Medisize in Struer, Denmark, end of February for a BIMS1. And we have a private TETRAPAK session in Modena, Italy, . We'll be training LEGO on multiple sites, in Denmark, Hungary and possibly China if situation allows.
GN Group in Denmark has confirmed interest for a BIMS-2 to take place early 2021.
Grundfos is working hard to set-up a session at the Grundfos Academy sometimes in August hopefully.

Public sessions have been scheduled in France, Germany and Denmark with our traditional partners, and we hope to fill-up those sessions. Don't miss our public BIMS2 in Copenhagen end of April, featuring a new special guest speaker, Dr. Hans Miltner, specialist in Thermoplastic Composites.
If all proceeds as anticipated, we will heve the very first PUBLIC BIMS1 session in Italy (organized by MOLDEX3D Italy), my home country ! A date has been set (check the schedule by browsing below), and we hope to confirm soon.
As usually, we will maintain the schedule updated on this site (see highlighted link above), and inform you via LinkedIn posts. Please connect to me to stay updated.
As already announced, I will be retiring from my industrial "day-job" in about 12 months and will start "consulting" in addition to the BIMS trainings. Feel free to enquire or anticipate on this opportunity. I am also open to proposals for regular consulting or expertise related jobs (X days/month, Y weeks/year, etc.).

NEWS 2019
The year started under somewhat slower business conditions. Economic uncertainty seems to affect the training activities. This appears as a quick win, saving money on the short term, but implications for future business are typically negative. Let us hope companies realize that saving on training is never a great idea when looking back after somewhat troubled periods of business.

The year started with a couple of private BIMS-1 sessions at SOLVAY (USA and ITALY).
We are glad  to start our public sessions with a nice BIMS-2 session in Copenhagen in April, followed quckly by a Private session of BIMS-1 at LEGO in BILLUND.
We hope to confirm the scheduled public sessions in Germany (BIMS-1 and 2) in May 2019 and fill our public BIMS-1 session in Copenhagen next August.

IRT Nantes (a Composite oriented  institute) has planned a BIMS-1 onsite, and we hope to confirm further sessions in private settings later this year (Grundfos,...).
We have also scheduled, as usual, a second round of public sessions with SIMPATEC in Germany later in the year.
Get in touch with us for any request of private session in your company. Sessions in France and Germany will be managed by SIMPATEC. For other countries, we will make a direct arrangement.

 News March 2018

2018 has started very strong with one of the busiest agenda we ever had. As of March 1st, we have about 15 sessions planned, as you can see in the Calendar/Agenda by browsing down this page or clicking on the highlighted yellow link above .

We have public sessions in Germany, France and Denmark organized by our trusted long term partners, Simpatec and ATV-SEMAPP.
 As always, we also have a number of on-site trainings.
This year, we should offer private sessions to  :

ORAS              Finland            BIMS1 +BIMS2
HUSKY           Luxembourg     BIMS1
LEGO              Denmark         BIMS2 customized+extra day
GRUNDFOS     Denmark         BIMS1+BIMS2 + customized extra day

More and more I use my Linked In account to make announcements for the coming sessions or update existing and potential participants.
Please reach out to me and join my LinkedIn network. I regularly post short videos illustrating the content of the two training seminars, BIMS1 and BIMS2.

Note that this year, 2018, we have revised or added some sections in the slide decks, in order to make presentations more complete, smoother and easier to follow/understand.
People that have participated several years ago might benefit from taking the courses again.
We actually see returning participants on a very regular basis. The seminars are presented in a very "easy to follow" way, but they are packed with information. Even for experienced people, it is difficult to capture 100 % of the material. So many people tend to revisit the trainings after a few years.

I hope to see you soon,let all your contacts know about these trainings.


Recent BIMS activities and outlook (May 2017)

May is a very busy month this year with three sessions in Scandinavia :

- BIMS2 public session in Copenhagen with 26 participants

- BIMS1 private session at Tetra Pak with 10 participants

- BIMS2 public session in Raufoss, organized by Sintef/i4Plastics with 24 participants

We thank you very much our faithful returning customers as well as our partners doing a consistently great job in setting up the public sessions.

Please note that we have decided to move our future public sessions in Copenhagen to the SCANDIC SYDHAVNEN Hotel, minutes away by taxi from the airport and an easy reach by train/metro from Copenhagen Central .

Please note that we have a 4 days BIMS1+BIMS2 session in English coming up in November in Stuttgart, organized by SIMPATEC Germany. These are the last public sessions of 2017 so anyone that missed the opportunity to join earlier in the year, please register for either BIMS1 or BIMS2 at your convenience. And if you feel strong enough to take four days in a row, feel free to take both classes (some people actually survived this kind of marathon...).

We do have of course the yearly ATV-SEMAPP public BIMS1 session in Copenhagen end of september with already 9 registrations and plenty of room to take many more !

Looking forward to meeting you


Our recent 2016 wrap-up and 2017 outlook post on LinkedIn

As the holiday season approaches very fast, I would like to thank our partners ATV-SEMAPP and SIMPATEC, as well as all our new and loyal returning customers for the great year and the successful 12 sessions we held throughout the year. With this, we now total 105 sessions of BIMS-1 and 14 sessions of BIMS-2, for approximately 2100 participants in all, since our start in year 2000.

We are particularly proud of the growing interest in Germany for our BIMS-1 and BIMS-2 sessions as confirmed by the attendance to public sessions and numerous requests for private sessions that were inspired by our public seminars. Denmark remains our biggest customer and ATV-SEMAPP keeps doing a fantastic job in maintaining a high level of participation to our two yearly public sessions. We were also blessed with requests from other scandinavian countries and successsful sessions in Sweden (Nolato) and Norway (i4plastics -Sintef). Thank you to Medicomp I.P. in Demark for the interesting private session, and LEGO in Billund who opened our year in January.

We plan to significantly review the BIMS-2 material this year to make the session a bit lighter, removing non essential information that appears to to make the session overly dense for many participants.

As we prepare for a well deserved vacation time in a few days, I can confirm that 2017 looks again like a healthy year for BIMS SEMINARS.

We will fire-up again the year with Lego (BIMS-1) in Billund, followed by a private session at IMS-GEAR in Germany. For the first time, one or two sessions will likely be organized by our friends at eXstream. Simpatec has set-up a 4 days marathon (BIMS-1+BIMS-2) in Linz, as they opened now a new office in Austria. But we also maintained a second twin-seminar date in Stuttgart, later in the year. Nolato in Sweden is organizing one or two sessions in Skara and is looking for interested participants from other companies. Sintef/i4plastics in Norway will host a BIMS-2 seminar, following the success of our BIMS-1 session in 2016. If all goes well, we will present a private session at Schaeffler in the US. Microsoft, in Redmond ,Wa, has also expressed interest in BIMS-1. ATV-SEMAPP has secured our classical spring (BIMS-2) and autumn (BIMS-1) public sessions near the Central Station of Copenhagen. SIMPATEC France has also requested a four days BIMS-1+BIMS-2 session for 2017. If confirmed, a BIMS-2 session should be presented to Axis Communications AB in Lund.

And all this, even before the year starts ! No doubt that some additional request for private sessions will come-up as we go into the new year.

As participants have experienced, we truly believe we offer the best training on Injection Molding of Thermoplastics (BIMS-1). And our new training on Mechanical Performance of Plastics (BIMS-2) is probably totally unique on the market and should be of interest to all companies confronted with any issue on short or long term performance of plastics components.

Thank you all for your support and business. Enjoy the coming celebrations with family and friends, work safely, and let everyone know about our great training sessions.#


Please note that private sessions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are managed by Simpatec Germany. Contact them to schedule a training.

For all other public or private session, please contact us.
 You can always pre-book by sending me a mail, or, for public sessions, getting directly in touch with organizers (click to send email) :


Hope to see you at some coming seminar and please let know all your contacts or colleagues about these trainings. Don't hesitate to come again if you attended several years ago since we constantly update the material, and many returning attendants keep telling us they learned/understood new things by coming back again.


- - -

You fill find all the details of this new seminar in the "Seminar Content" link of the top menu.

The current agenda for 2020 is the following 


AGENDA 2020 

Due to COVID-19, everything is on hold for at least a few months. We'll keep you informed.

In the meanwhile, keep an eye on our coming ONLINE training offer here : BIMS ONLINE COURSES info/previewr

DENMARKSTRUERPhillips MedisizeFeb. 26-27, 2020EnglishPrivateBIMS-1 - Molding
GERMANYBurg ReichensteinSIMPATEC DPOSTPONED/CANCELEDEnglishPublicBIMS-2 - Mechanical
DENMARKONLINE !!ATV-SEMAPPAug. 23_24-25-26, 2020EnglishPublicBIMS-1 - Molding
DENMARKCOPENHAGENATV-SEMAPPSept. 28-29, 2020EnglishPublicBIMS-2 Mechanical
GERMANYtbdSIMPATEC DNov, 10-11, 2020EnglishPublicBIMS-1 - Molding
GERMANYtbdSIMPATEC DNov. 12-13,2020EnglishPublicBIMS-2 - Mechanical
CHINAPlantLEGONov. tbdEnglishPrivateBIMS-1 - Molding

We are always open to discuss possible additional private sessions trainings.

 BIMS-1 : Understanding Injection Molding of Thermoplastics
The classical BIMS seminar now presented  130 times throughout the World

 BIMS-2 : Understanding Mechanical Properties of Thermoplastics : NEW seminar on Mechanical Properties of Plastics, presented abt 25 times so far.

 Contact us  for private sessions you may need in 2020